3 Pros of Buying Vacant Land for Sale By Owner in Jacksonville

Buying land can be a largely straightforward process, especially when compared to buying a house. Because buying land is a lot less complicated, a real estate agent isn’t such a necessity. There is no need to pay for and subsequently wait for inspections, nor is there an agent charging commission fees.  Land is also a good investment, especially if … Continued

3 Advantages of Hard Money Lenders in Florida

A hard money loan is often the best or only option for financing property where a property requires complete remodeling or the borrower has subpar credit. While these are often considered bridge loans to fill a financing gap, they often are for subprime rates, meaning you’ll pay more for the loan. 3 Advantages of Hard … Continued

4 Ways To Attract Home Buyers in Jacksonville

Home buyers in have varying needs. Preparing your sales strategy in accordance with your needs helps increase home showings and makes for faster sales. Here are 4 ways to attract interested home buyers in . 4 Ways To Attract Home Buyers in 1. Declutter Inside and Out Decluttering your home can seem overwhelming especially if your family … Continued

5 Overlooked IRS Tax Deductions for Investment Property in Florida

Buying investment property has one specific intention: to make a profit. Of course, maximizing profits means limiting the amount of taxes you pay on revenues. While most property owners deduct the interest and repairs, most overlook other key legal deductions. Here are 5 overlooked IRS tax deductions for investment property in . Be sure to maintain good … Continued

How to a Find Hard Money Lender In Florida

Hard money loans are often the avenue for getting into an investment property quickly and having the funds to rehab a property or literally buy time to structure more traditional financing. Everyone has heard of hard money loans but not everyone knows how to find a hard money lender in . How to Find a … Continued

Why You Should Diversify in Jacksonville

Investments come in all shapes and sizes. The investors who see the most profit usually boast a diversified and intelligently put-together portfolio. In this post, we will explain exactly why you should diversify and what you can do to get started! Why Should I Diversify? When you diversify your portfolio dealing with real estate or … Continued